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Name:Bleach Femslash
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Welcome to bleach_fslash, a community devoted to femmeslash pairings in the manga/anime Bleach! Please feel free to post fic, graphics and fanvids relating to any of the female/female pairings you can think of for Bleach.

A few rules, though:

1 - No het or male/male slash as the focus of your fic/art/fanvid. It can be secondary, but your primary focus must be a female/female pairing.

2 - Any rating is allowed, but if it's R or NC-17 for sexual content you must warn for it. This community has the "adult concepts" label on it as well. Also, you must put a rating on your fic/art. It doesn't matter if you use the MPAA ratings or the Fan Rated System. We understand that some of the characters involved in the pairings may be underage, and we ask that you warn for it in a header of some sort, especially if you put them in R or NC-17 fic. And please, for the really young characters, up their ages to at least 16.

3 - Spoiler policy: to be safe, anything that hasn't aired in the English dub is a spoiler, and once the English dub starts airing again all episodes are spoilery for a week. Please mark your posts as such if they have spoilers.

4 - You can do a fake LJ cut to your fic/artwork at another journal, but please do not link to F-locked posts. If we find that you have done that we will ask you to unlock the post, and if you do not we will delete your post to the community.

5 - Discussion is allowed, as long as it is related to femmeslash for the fandom.

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