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Jan. 30th, 2010 03:56 pm
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So, I'm part of a Yuri MEP (Multi-Editor Project) on Youtube, and my couple is RukiHime, with Lost Ocean's "Vast".  I'm looking for a specific picture of the two- it's done in an almost stick figure-like fashion, but it's still full-out art.  Rukia's wearing a green tunic and cape, standing in the window of Orihime's room in LN, like a play on the "knight rescuing the princess" motif.

Here's an icon version of it- does anyone have the full?  Thank you~ ♥
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[profile] thebigyurimeme 
[profile] thebigyurimeme 
[profile] thebigyurimeme 
[profile] thebigyurimeme 
[profile] thebigyurimeme 

Come in, make some requests, spread the word.  Let's keep this baby going :)
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Suffering from something like a writer's block at the moment, I'm taking requests^^ You'll get drabbles of 100 to 1000 words.

Fandoms: Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Golden Days, Death Note
I write gen, het, yaoi and yuri, (no PWP). Your request should include a pairing/characters/a character and a prompt/scene. You may also give a genre (like angst, fluff etc)
Things I won't write )
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Hello fellow Bleach yuri lovers.

I was wondering if someone here would be so kind as to make me a KuukakuXSoi Fong icon.  I wouldn't normally ask, but I have trouble finding workable images and without Photoshop, my own userpic-making skills are rudimentary at best.

However, I'm not so unreasonable as to request that you do me this favor for nothing; for your efforts I will either write you a fic/ draw a picture of the pairing of your choosing (I'm no good at yaoi though, so in case that's what you were thinking...XD).

Oh, and if this post is against the rules then I will be glad to remove it.
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In the Reserch Center of 12th division, there is a cute young girl with chains in her hair.

In the Colorful Bleach Omake, she was complaining about Ukitake only ordering her masculine life-sized statues.
When I saw that, I suddenly wanted to read yuri with her (don't ask)

Do you know any fics about her (even gen fics) ? Has she a fanon name ? If you happen to like her, let me know !
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Just found this on 4chan and was wondering if anybody knows the source(site/artist). Because it's really hot.

Ch. 199 spoilers, of sorts )


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