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Title: Fringe
Author: Temari778
Pairing: Tatsuki/Orihime
Rating: PG
WC: 123
Summary: Tatsuki decides to change her hair color.
Notes: Written for [ profile] femslash100

Tatsuki sighs and repeats, "I'm just experimenting, Orhime-chan, it's nothing serious."

Orhime looks at the box of hair dye dubiously. "Oh, Tatsuki-chan," she insists, "your hair is so pretty the way it is now."

Tatsuki fiddles with her short hair thoughtfully, her brow scrunched up. "I know, I know. I'm just going to change the color a bit. Besides, it'll grow out anyway.

Orihime shakes the box up and down, listening to the bottle thrashing around inside it. Tapping her chin, "Well, okay....but, I'll help you!" she decides cheerfully, jumping up.

"Thanks, I'll need it. There's no way in hell I'll be able to do the back, anyway." She smirks. "And hey, at least my bangs don't hang down into my eyes."

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