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Aug. 2nd, 2010 03:20 pm
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Firstly, we apologize for any spam this may be causing, but we're trying to reach everyone we can! Back again to announce the start of a brand new round. First off is to think of some awesome prompts!

Hello, everyone!

I'm writing to invite everyone in this community to [livejournal.com profile] yuri_challenge, a yuri/femslash fanfic and fanart challenge community... though you may have heard about us before. Possibly even in this community :D

The bonus of participating this challenge will be that you could quite possibly end up crossposting your submission to the community you're reading in now! Spreading the love and adding to fandom at the same time is a great combo~

Stories and art are based on a prompt for each challenge, and the theme for this Round is "The Musical!" Basically, you will be providing a fandom, pairing, lyric or two, as well as an optional youtube link, and then it will show up on a biiiiig claims post for people to pick to write or draw from~

All fandoms are welcome (TV/anime/books/etc), however the community does not permit RPF/RPS as we're about the characters, not the people playing them. Sorry!

Prompt submissions for this Round have already started over here, so be sure to join the community, and have some earphones on and those pens ready!

Thanks for your time in reading. :D


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